Ultrasound Scan


We offer the following Scans 

  1. Whole abdomen & Pelvis Scan
  2. Transabdominal Pelvis Scan (TAS)
  3. Transvaginal Pelvic Scan (TVS)
  4. Follicular Scan
  5. Pregnancy Scans

         -Early Pregnancy Scan(6weeks-10weeks)

         -NT & NB Scan (12weeks-13weeks)

         -Anomaly Scan/TIFFA (18weeks-22weeks)

         -Fetus Growth Scan/Biophysical profile(28weeks-32weeks)

         -Term Scan(34weeks-37weeks)

         -Fetal Doppler study

         -Fetal Echo(22weeks-24weeks)

         -Limited study for AFI/Doppler & Cervical length

         6. Neck Scan/Thyroid scan

         7. Chest Scan

         8. Musculoskeletal scan- Shoulder, Ankle, Elbow, Knee, and extremity scans

         9. Soft tissue scan

        10. Doppler study- Arterial/Venous/Renal artery/AV fistula/Carotid

         11. Sonofistulogram for fistula

         12. Pediatrics scan- Neurosonogram/Hip scan/Spine scan

         13. KUB Scan

         14. Breast Scan(Sonomammogram)

         15. Ultrasound-guided FNAC

 Preparation for Ultrasound Scan


  1. Whole abdomen/Pelvis/Early pregnancy scans/NT scan- Drink at least 3-4 cups of water to fill the urinary bladder for optimum scan.
  2. Gall bladder stones- 10 hours of overnight fasting and fat-free diet a day before the scan.
  3. Other scans need no prior preparation.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing.
  5. Book an appointment to reduce waiting time.
  6. You are requested to bring the doctor referral form and any last ultrasound scan report or other health records for reference.

Why choose add-on Scans as your go to Scanning centre?

  1. Male & Female Radiologist for your comfort
  2. 30 plus cumulative years of Radiologist experience
  3. Instant report after the scan
  4. Specialized in Pregnancy, Musculoskeletal, Doppler & General Scans
  5. 365 days guaranteed service with Customer friendly Doctors & Staff
  6. Online reports available 

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